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 Rules and Regulations --Please read before applying--

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Rules and Regulations --Please read before applying-- Empty
PostSubject: Rules and Regulations --Please read before applying--   Rules and Regulations --Please read before applying-- I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 16, 2009 1:37 am

**Rules and Regulations**


1. Clan Conduct
2. Event Attendance
3. Server Chat
4. Ventrilo
5. Big "NO's"

1. –Clan Conduct- If you were recruited already, you must be percieved as having common sence. Pretty much if you think something is questionable, chances are yes and you will get banned from our clan/servers for it.

2. –Event Attendance- If you are going to miss a scheduled event, please inform one of us or someone who is able to relay it to others so we can plan around it.

3. –Server Chat- Server chat is important towards proper communication and success during our gameplay.

4. –Ventrilo- This is the core of verbal communication towards playing and enjoying ourselves. While playing please have your headset on often.

5. -Big “NO’s”!- I am not going to sit here and point out what you can and cant do. Everyone recruited is supposed to have a maturity threshold of 18+ yrs and will understand that if someone goes too far, fights in vent, spams, or hacks you will be kicked. No exceptions! Also no spawn sniping or anything of the sort.

Rules and Regulations --Please read before applying-- B_560x95
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Rules and Regulations --Please read before applying--
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